This page presents numerical results and their comparison with experimental records for all predictions performed at Memorial University of Newfoundland for the NSERC sponsored project "Earthquake Induced Damage Mitigation from Soil Liquefaction". The main page of this project, containing all experimental and numerical results, is posted on the University of British Columbia (UBC) web site.

The numerical predictions posted here have been performed by Mr. Ahmad Jafari-Mehrabadi under the supervision of Dr. Radu Popescu, using the finite element code DYNAFLOW.

CLASS A PREDICTIONS - Numerical results submitted to UBC and posted on the main page of the project before the relevant centrifuge experiments were performed:

Class A predictions - test CT1

Class A predictions - test CT3

Class A predictions - test CT4

Class A predictions - test CT5

Class A predictions - test CT6

Class A predictions - test CT7

Class A predictions - test CT8


DIRECT COMPARISON OF EXPERIMENTAL AND NUMERICAL RESULTS - Recorded (centrifuge) and computed (Class A - before experiment and Class C - after experiment) displacements, excess pore water pressures and accelerations at all transducer locations.

Comparisons - test CT1

Comparisons - test CT2

Comparisons - test CT3

Comparisons - test CT4

Comparisons - test CT5

Comparisons - test CT6

Comparisons - test CT7

Comparisons - test CT8